LEAP Programme

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Unlike other virtual training and webinars, the LEAP programme (powered by The Alternative Board) provides business owners, leaders, Managing Directors and CEOs an actionable step by step approach to forecasting in uncertain times and developing scenarios and plans for the future.

  • Date: 26/08/2020 03:00 PM - 16/09/2020 05:00 PM
  • Location: Online Event


You will work together with other business leaders to look at developing scenarios for the the future despite the uncertain times and consider your actions plans and triggers.

This four-part series will give you the steps and actions uniquely tailored to your business and provide you with a virtual roundtable made up of other entrepreneurial business leaders who will provide you with unique perspectives and ideas. With so many different decisions you need to make in your business, you will have the power of a sounding board for your ideas and challenges, gain valuable feedback and advice from a powerful group of advisors who are on the exact same path as you. This is a two-way process though. As a business owner or leader yourself, you have lots of valuable experience and will have the opportunity to share that with others round the table to help tackle the challenges that they bring to the meetings.

This will be backed up with 2 one to one sessions with an experienced business coach to further refine and develop your plans.

You most probably have heard the adage “many hands make light work”. The LEAP programme is all about many minds making lighter work (with a lot less stress)!

Practical strategies for your business moving through a time when external factors are uncertain.

As a busy business leader, the demands on you have increased in recent times. How do you know which actions you MUST take in your business, right now?

The LEAP programme delivers the steps all businesses must take to prepare for the ongoing uncertainties.

You’ll work on:

✓ Looking at the external factors and establishing your scenarios
✓ Examining the effect that these scenarios will have on your business
✓ Using creative thinking techniques to allow you to remain agile
✓ Plan your response and find your triggers.

And much, much more.

The LEAP programme consists of:-

 - 4 weekly online roundtable sessions 

- 2 One to one sessions with an experienced business coach.